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Multi-symptom Care

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Keith. When I came to him, I had had no previous experience with this kind of care. And because of all my symptoms, I came in very scared, and unsure what to expect. Keith helped keep me calm, explaining things clearly and helping answer all my questions along the way. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone. – TJ


A Journey to Better Health

It has been six months since I started the holistic journey to better health with Keith Williamson and staff at Perfect Balance. I feel stronger, am healthier and have the knowledge and support to continue the journey for improved health. The support and practical knowledge Keith shares at each visit is such a vital part of the Perfect Balance program. I would encourage anyone to consider a consult with Keith to begin your journey to better health! – Karen S.

Emotional Balance

After going to PBNH for seven months, we (Barbara & I) switched over to work on some emotional reset. Something had happened to me as a child that was repressed for many decades. Ten years ago it was revealed to me and I thought I had dealt with all that baggage, but thought I might still have an issue or two. Barbara's computer found some things that needed tweaking so we worked on them for two sessions. After my first session, driving home I just had such a peace from releasing of burdens that I had been carrying for so long. My next session was not as dramatic a result, but still the next day, after all this sunk in, it left me feeling like I was on cloud nine! Her computer even checks for things that happen to you inutero, and helps lift burdens you don't even know you have. So if you want to lay aside every weight and burden that besets you, you need to go to Perfect Balance Natural Health! (The company name sure fits them!) It's worth every penny!


Thyroid and overall health

I have been taking Synthroid for a low-functioning thyroid for 30+ years. Each year, my thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) was tested, and I was on the lowest dose of Synthroid for about 25 years. About five years ago, my TSH readings started increasing. My family doctor started increasing the Synthroid and testing my TSH more often. The function continued to decrease. 

My family doctor consented to let Barbara work on the problem for two months before testing my TSH again. Not surprisingly, Barbara discovered the thyroid problem was actually caused by my liver. After two months, my TSH was tested again. The normal range is 0.4 – 4.5. My reading went from 6.17 on September 6 to 2.29 on November 15. I thank God for the research Barbara has done and her extensive knowledge of how the parts of the body interact to work as a whole. 

I first went to Barbara two years ago, after two trips to the emergency room and subsequently being told, at the age of 51, that I needed a pacemaker. I chose not to get the pacemaker, and today my heart is functioning fine. Barbara methodically started fixing my health problems one by one. After two years of treatments, I lead a productive life. My immune system is fully functioning, and I have not had as much as a cold. Barbara’s work has made it possible for my body to function the way God intended it to, as much as is humanly possible, and I will never be able to thank her for all she has done for me.

Knee Pain & Weight Loss

Having suffered for years with knee pain from a car accident and falling down stairs two times, I reached the point where the stress of my last project was affecting my ability to work. This was December of 2007. The pain was so severe that I thought I might need a cane to continue working. I certainly was not able to climb stairs anymore.

The symptoms were similar to what others experience with Gout, only I had it in my knees. I knew I was not eating the foods that cause Gout, so I went on an Internet search for natural remedies. I came upon Dr. Robert O. Young's pH Miracle site where I read about Microscopy as a way to analyze the effects of lifestyle and nutrition on the blood. I decided I might be too acidic and that perhaps I should change what I was eating and get my blood analyzed as well to be sure.

I was able to attend a pH Miracle Retreat in February where Dr. Young used Microscopy to analyze my blood. Much to my surprise, he could tell from my samples that I had difficulties with my knees as acids flow to the weakest parts of the body, that I have issues with heavy metals from numerous crowns & fillings and that I had low alkaline buffers from a very stressful lifestyle. The Blood Analysis confirmed what I suspected and helped me decide to make a permanent nutritional change.

Today, just a month from that Blood Analysis following the Alkaline lifestyle, I am walking with no pain--I can even climb the stairs with no pain. And a much wanted side effect of this lifestyle is that I have lost 20 pounds. The Microscopy was the deciding factor for me in making this change as I needed the science to confirm my health issues.

Arthritis / Weight Loss

I have battled weight loss for years. I've tried several of the popular diets - which worked for a while but then I'd gain the weight back. I also have rheumatoid arthritis which gave me constant pain and was so out of shape even walking up stairs to my bedroom was a major chore. I finally decided I did not want any fad diet but I had to look into what was really healthy for my body. In my search for what was really healthy, I found Dr. Young's book "The pH Miracle". Everything he said made since. I was overwhelmed but knew this was the truth and this was what my body needed. Through Live Blood Analysis everything was confirmed...I was highly acidic and had all kinds of bacteria and yeast growth. I needed to alkalize! If I didn't, big health problems were in my near future.

I began to transition to alkaline foods. Within 3 months I noticed I had not taken pain medication for my arthritis in weeks. What an incredible surprise. I was trying to get healthy without even thinking my pain would go away. Now I was pain free and jumped out of bed in the morning without having to slowly get my joints to work. I was also loosing weight. In the first year of transition, I lost 45 pounds and felt great. I have continued to eat more and more alkaline and have now lost over 65 pounds.

No More Allergies

Ever since my first biology class in high school, I have been fascinated with the human body and how it works.  At one stage in my life I thought that just about any bodily ailment could be successfully diagnosed and treated by the medical profession.  But I learned through experience that this is not always the case.  Over the past 15-20 years my thoughts have turned more towards what I can do personally to take charge of my health.  When I began to tune in to the signals my body was giving me, I realized that I had problems with foods such as wheat, soy and dairy.  This led to the big question “Can food allergies be cured or do I have to live with them?”  Fortunately, my search for the answer to this question led me to BioSet and opened up a whole new approach to taking care of myself in a natural and non-invasive way.  Now I know that the supplements I’m taking are exactly what I need because they are tested for compatibility with my body.  I also know that if I’m not feeling well in any way, BioSet can detect the source of the problem as well as what is needed to bring my system back into balance.  Every session with Barbara is an exciting opportunity for me to learn more about how my body works and to give it the support it needs to handle the stresses of everyday life.  As I continue to feel better, I’m very grateful for Dr. Ellen Cutler’s work in developing BioSet, and I’m very happy to have discovered Barbara Morris and Perfect Balance right here in Greenville .

No More Headaches

After years of almost daily severe headaches, depression, and fatigue I finally got “sick of being sick”. I was referred to Perfect Balance and the Bioset Program by my chiropractor. At first I was quite skeptical but the results of the Bioset program were immediate and amazing. The headaches all but disappeared, my energy level was back to levels I had forgotten I ever had, and the depression was gone! I was so pleased that I brought my 10 year old daughter in to see if the Bioset program could relieve her of the severe allergies she had. After 4 months she was totally off of her daily allergy drugs and is also doing great!  I would recommend Bioset to anyone; there is absolutely nothing to lose and your health to gain!

Allergy Freedom

I am a new man after my BioSet sessions!  When I started my clearings I had constant sinus issues, low energy, and was unable to enjoy many of my favorite foods due to allergic reactions.  I have now completed all of the general clearings and am working through the deeper, more specialized clearings and I don’t have ANY sinus problems, my energy is above normal, and I eat ANYTHIING I want without fear of a reaction!

Since staring the deeper clearings the stomach issues that I have had for the last several years have gone away and as a result I don’t have to worry about the amount of such things as vitamin C and niacin in the supplements I take.

I can honestly say that even though I am 55 years old I have NEVER felt better in my life!

Serious Health Problems Improved

We have been using alternative forms of health care for many years.  Our journey began over 25 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with two forms of hepatitis at the same time.  The Lord honored our research and our efforts and today the medical world says that he does not have any indicators to show that he ever had hepatitis.  When I became seriously ill over 2 years ago, we tried going with both worlds to be sure that we were covering all of our bases.  The medical specialists told me that I had a simple case of "contact dermatitis" and they wanted me to use steroids.  We travel around the world and we knew enough to realize that this was not dermatitis.  We found help and direction from alternative practitioners, but no healing.  A missionary doctor from Africa discovered that I had microfilaria, which is a microscopic parasite carried by mosquitos in the Philippines.  The damage done to my lymphatic system by the parasite set me up for a triple fungal infection contracted in Costa Rica.  I became houseboundfor almost a year as my immune system began shutting down.  My colon became impacted which impaired my ability to flush out the dying parasites and fungi.  I developed a serious skin rash which led to celulitis on my face and arms.  As my colon began shutting down, I developed sepsis.  Ultimately my body became allergic to most foods, but primarily soy products, which severely limited my options for eating.

Another missionary friend came to visit and she told us about a BioSet practitioner less than a mile from our home.  We immediately made an appointment to see what they could do for us.  In all honesty, we began treatment on Monday of the following week, and by that Wednesday we were already seeing incredible results!  The year-long rash I had suffered is now completely gone and my skin shows no signs of permanent damage.

Since the Lord saw fit to heal me through Suzanne and Barb, we have begun another "journey."  My husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in Feb.  The Lord has shown His blessing once again by allowing Barb to be instrumental in helping us to "alkalize" our bodies.  My husband's PSA is now at 3.3 and our surgeon has indefinitely postponed any plans for surgery and he is pleased to give the diet time to see if it will bring the PSA all of the way down and then perform another biopsy.

The Lord used the spoken word to heal some in the New Testament.  Others He chose to heal with the touch of His hand, while still others He was pleased to heal with "spit and mud."  We are so pleased that the Lord has allowed Barb Morris to be our "spit and mud."

Pain Relief

Gratitude and appreciation are what come to mind when I think of the wonderful transformation I experienced working with Barbara Morris.

After suffering two major accidents and many years of exploring numerous healing modalities, alternative as well as traditional, I was feeling rather defeated and deflated with regard to regaining my good health.  After just three months not only has the quality of my blood changed dramatically but the quality of my life as well.  Losing 25 pounds is one the gifts that came as a result of changing the way I approach what I choose to put in my body, increased energy and vitality is another.

Thank you so much Barbara for your dedication and commitment to educating and encouraging myself and others who have tried everything and were still floundering.  Perfect Balance-a goal that now seems do-able.

Overall Health Improvement

I met Barbara Morris 9 months ago after 30 years of being overweight and having very little energy. I had begun to take 3-hour naps in order to cope with life each day. I also had the fear that in 10 years I would end up in a hospital with 5 heart bypasses just like my father. 
Barbara showed me that my red blood cells were stuck together in long stacks (not a good thing!). 

Now, due to Barbara's guidance and perseverance in educating me as to how to change my diet and which supplements to take in order to complement my foods, I am 30 pounds lighter, have free-flowing individual red blood cells and have most of my hormones at their peak levels so that I can function daily without the lagging energy and low mental attitude.  We have also changed frequencies in my body so that it can handle invading toxic items with which our bodies come into contact in everyday life.

As I left the gym today, a young woman whom I had not met, stopped me and said that I was looking great and had really changed. Her statement validated what I know...that all the hard work, time, and thought that Barbara has put into helping me change my body and mind set is leading me in the right direction so that I can enjoy the next 30 years of life.