Jump start your healing process!

Scenar is a new generation of non-invasive technology which activates the self-healing in your body. The Scenar device is placed directly on your skin. It then begins a dialogue through biofeedback between the body and the device. This “conversation” of changing signals activates and amplifies the natural healing process. No two consecutive signal from the device is ever the same. The conversation is dynamic, adjusting to the body multiple times each second. 

Acute Injury

Scenar increases you natural healing process and reduces pain. Through the biofeedback communication, your natural pharmacy of neuropeptides gets you back into life faster and with less pain. 

The Scenar creates an ideal condition for the body to heal itself. Your body has its own internal “pharmacy” of neuropeptides. This allows the body to choose the best combination for your specific healing needs. Because Scenar activates your natural healing, you will see improvement in your health throughout your body. Your healing will not be limited to one area or one organ. It will focus and recover function throughout the entire body. 

Why Do Americans Need Scenar? 

Our American lifestyle is stressful! We are busy all the time. We are exposed to many toxins. We are constantly activating our Sympathetic Nervous System. The Sympathetic Nervous System is the branch of our nervous system that keeps us functioning during stressful times. 
This branch: 
   • Increases heart rate
   • Slows digestion
   • Focuses energy toward running and survival
   • Slows gut motility and secretions
   • Constricts blood vessels
   • Stimulates sweat glands Etc. 

The opposite branch of our nervous system is the Parasympathetic Nervous System. 
This branch lets us: 
   • Rest
   • Heal
   • Regenerate
   • Digest properly
   • Absorb nutrients
   • Produce healthy amounts of Insulin and Cortisol
   • Lose weight
   • Stimulates gallbladder to excrete bile
   • Stimulates bowel motility and healthy bowel movements
   • Stimulates urinary and bladder contraction
   • Stimulates male and female arousal
   • Slows heartbeat
   • Many other health related processes

Most Americans function with their Sympathetic Nervous System on…and their Parasympathetic Nervous System turned off. Our healing is slowed! Our body does not have the instructions it needs to heal. Chronic pain and disease sets in. 


Scenar actively instructs your parasympathetic Nervous System to restart. Your natural ability to heal jumps into action. 
Types of Conditions That Benefit the Most (Based on Russian Experience):
   • Acute Injury
   • Digestive system
   • Cardiovascular system
   • Respiratory system
   • Musculoskeletal system
   • Urinary system
   • Reproductive system
   • Nervous system
   • Blood system
   • Immune system
   • Endocrine system
   • Nutritional and metabolic systems