Theragem Therapy

How can you get stronger, healthier, calmer, more like you want to feel?

Utilizing precious and semi-precious gemstones in low-level light technology - the Theragem has been designed to use a blend of wave, frequency, color, light and crystalline energy. The Theragem works within the 600-900 nanometer (nm) range. 670 nm is known as the Wellness Zone because of the way it harmonizes with the body’s natural frequencies, restoring it back to health. 


Think about sunlight…Today, we have not only proven that sunlight helps the body to produce vitamin D and absorb calcium, but also that it regulates our body clock. This is responsible for body rhythms such as heart rate and blood pressure, sleep, mood, menstrual cycles and energy levels. Skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis benefit from sunlight, and it can prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, build strong bones and teeth and defeat depression. 

A variety of light therapies have been developed to harness the rays of light and color to correct imbalances, improve health and restore vitality. Ultraviolet light therapy, colored light therapy, photodynamic therapy, photo medicine and photo modulation are used to address physical, mental and emotional complaints. Common uses for light therapy include Seasonal Affect Disorder or Depression, Jaundice in newborn babies, increase in Collagen production and circulation. 

Theragem combines light therapy with the healing wavelengths of gemstones to help restore your body to health. By focusing the wavelengths, we are able to cause your natural healing system to activate the balancing and regeneration of injured cells and tissues. The colors of the rays are what determine the frequency of the energy that the crystals produce. When directed at the skin, the light, color and energy will positively affect cells in the human energy system. The crystal light therapy can either provide the energy needed to rejuvenate a sluggish organ or relieve hot, overactive areas.

What to Expect during a session: 

Sessions are 20 - 60 min in length. During the session, you will sit or lie down while the lamps are directed at an area of your body. This is found to be relaxing for most individuals. 

When will you feel a difference? 

Most people have improvements within 5-6 visits. Acute conditions can potentially feel the benefit during one session, with improved symptoms in 2-3 sessions. Chronic conditions may take a little longer. 

What conditions is theragem therapy used for?

Alzheimer's • Anxiety/Depression • Arthritis • Candida • Prolapsed Disc • Sciatica • Eczema/Psoriasis • Ulcers • MS • Anti-Aging • Improved Immune System • IBS • Pain • Ashthma • Chronic Fatigue • Fibromyalgia • Injuries • Stroke Recovery • Burns • Parkinson's • Improved Skin Tone • Many other health concerns