Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Do you have pain? 

Although we can learn to live with pain, life is far more enjoyable when we are pain free. Perfect Balance in your health is our goal. We offer several possible pain solutions that may help your body rid itself of pain. These modalities include Pulsed Magnetic Therapy and Auriculotherapy. 


Electromagnetic energy is an integral part of the human body. It can help produce illness or help bring healing, depending on its type and strength. The world is surrounded by magnetic fields: some are generated by the earth's magnetism, others by solar storms and changes in the weather. Magnetic fields are also created by everyday electrical devices: motors, televisions, office equipment, computers, electrically heated water beds, electric blankets, microwaves, electrical wiring in homes, power lines, and cell phones. 

Uses for Magnetic Therapy

Magnets and electromagnetic therapy devices are now being used to relieve symptoms and reverse degenerative diseases, eliminate pain, facilitate the healing of broken bones, counter the effects of stress, and address the reversal of cancer as well as many other physical ailments. Magnets are widely used throughout Europe and are now becoming more accepted in the United States. 

Researchers have noted that positive and negative magnetic energies have different effects on the biological systems of animals and humans - negative magnetic fields have a beneficial effect, whereas positive magnetic fields have a stressful effect. They have found that magnets can be used in the treatment of arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, inflammation, pain and injury, respiratory problems, skin disorders, infertility, mental and emotional disorders, and many many other diseases. 

The negative field calms neurons and encourages rest, relaxation, and sleep. When sufficiently high in gauss strength, it can even produce general anesthesia. Because it is neuron-calming, it has been successfully used in the control of neurosis, psychosis, seizures, addictive withdrawal and movement disorders. 

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy brings the therapy to a superior level. With the pulsating therapy we can increase the effect of the magnetic therapy in shorter time periods. The pulse action causes the cells of your body to expel toxins and take in nutrients and oxygen.

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