NES (Nutri-Energetic) Body Scan

Perfect Balance Natural Health is now the only certified practitioner in South Carolina to offer Nutri-Energetic Systems (NES), a new approach to wellness. This scan uses technology similar to an MRI to check for distortions in 470 energetic fields in the body. The NES provides instant assessment results so you know which aspects of the body-field require assistance. The results are then prioritized for the clients’ specific needs. 

Clients are able to see the effects of toxins, shock, trauma, electromagnetic influence, emotional issues, geopathic stress, micro-organisms, allergens, metabolism and well as many others. Based on the result of the scans, infoceuticals will be recommended to give the body information to correct any distortions and imbalances. Using nano technology, this information is transported through the cell membranes and into the heart of the cell. The end result is improved health for each client at the DNA level. 

Perfect Balance Natural Health has a primary goal to help each client bring their body into the best possible health. NES is one of the newest systems that not only helps today but brings great hope for health at a deep cellular level. Experience a whole new level of wellness. 

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Results Include: 

   • Increased energy
   • Improved organ function
   • Improved memory
   • Reduced skin inflammation
   • Improved eye sight
   • Improved immune system
   • Reduced muscle stress
   • Reduced emotional stress
   • Improved balance
   • Many other emotional, mental and physical improvements