Emotional Healing & Negative Emotional Reset

We all experience emotional stress throughout our entire life. So, why is it that sometimes events stick in our unconscious and sometimes they don’t? 

According to a study completed by a German Oncologist, Dr. Hamer, an emotional event that creates a UDIN moment causes our brain to store an energy ball that stores negative emotional energy. 

First let me explain what UDIN means: 

U – Unexpected
D – Dramatic
 I  – Isolating (we feel all alone) 
N – No response (we don’t know how to respond for about 15 seconds) 

These UDIN moments are frequently only 15 seconds in length. However, they cause us to store negative emotions in the brain. A specified type of brain scan will show the round circles of this energy. The energy sits on nerves that affect various areas of the body. Therefore, if you have UDIN energy sitting on the brain stem, you may have digestive disorders. If you have UDIN energy sitting on the cerebellum, you may have breast issues. Quite literally, almost every physical ailment can be tracked back to UDIN energy on the brain.

At Perfect Balance Natural Health, we work to help you release this negative emotional energy. Many of our clients have seen dramatic healing as a direct result to these sessions. The release of this energy allows your body the freedom to heal completely.