Endocrine and Hormone Focus

Your endocrine system is one of the most important systems in your body. This system regulates your stress, metabolism, hormones, insulin, libido and many other related areas. You can see by the diagram on this page that your whole body is regulated by this complicated system. 

At Perfect Balance, we will energetically look to see how each organ is functioning. We will start with looking at the whole system from the hypothalamus and pituitary in the brain and continue down all the way to the sex hormones. We will also look at the liver as this is a vital organ in the processing of hormones. 

Many people think they have thyroid problems. However, we have found that most problems begin farther up in the pituitary. When we identify the beginning source of the problem, we are able to identify exactly how your body needs support to heal itself. 

This endocrine system check is vital for everyone who is: 

   • Under stress
   • Pregnant
   • Post Partum
   • Aging
   • Tired
   • Depressed
   • Moody
   • Just don’t feel like themselves any more

During the Endocrine system check, we will also energetically look at the Neurotransmitters.
These are very important for mood, sleep patterns as well as the communication within your nervous system.