Emotional Healing & Emotional Pattern Reset

Your life is filled with emotions – positive, negative, beneficial and problematic. You have emotions working their chemical processes 24 hours each day, even when you sleep. 

Where do emotions come from? 
Emotions come from your neurological response to people, situations, places, smells, objects, colors, just about everything in your world. You experience not only emotions from your personal life but those in the TV, movies, books you read and people around you. 

How can you adjust and change your emotional responses? There are many therapies available. Some include counseling, bringing back situations from the past, how you feel currently etc. With Emotional Pattern Reset, your neurological system tells us what needs to be reset. You do not need to “remember” what caused your emotional patterns. You don’t need to consciously “resolve” any issue. 

You don’t need to “relive” any situation that was traumatic. Emotional Pattern Reset is all about working on the neurological level. You can’t change the past events of your life. You can, however, change the neurological response to current situations. 


Many clients have asked how the Emotional Pattern Reset works. Some of the questions have included: 
   • How can a computer “know” what beliefs need to be changed? 
   • Do I need to remember the traumatic events in my life? 
   • Are you working with my emotions? 

I believe God renews my mind. Is this program going outside of God’s design? 

As with allergen clearings, I use the IQS computer system to output different types of allergens to your body and then test your neurological response to each item. For example, I will output apples and then register your neurological response as either stressed (red), balanced (green) or weak (yellow). If you respond to apples as a stress or weak item, we know we need to reset your neurological system to respond positively toward apples. This positive reset gives the nerves instructions that change your physical response so you do not experience the negative, allergic type reaction every time you eat an apple. 

In the same way, when you walk through your day your neurological system is looking out for you and responding. Let me use myself as an example. When I was in college, I hated taking tests. I studied weeks in advance preparing but when I got to the test my conscious mind said “I can remember what I studied” but my neurological system said “no, you don’t have a good memory”. So, the statement “You have a good memory” would register a red or yellow when testing on my computer.

This “disbelief” by my neurological system then causes a response on a physical and emotional level. I begin with the emotion of fear that I’ll do poorly, that I’ll appear stupid, and that I may fail the class. I respond physically by sweating, increased heart rate, increased metabolism and in one instance it became so severe that my eyes actually changed all the placement of the letters. English became confused letters and I could not make any sense out of the questions (I turned in a blank test). 

With the Emotional Pattern Reset we are actually identifying what positive statements your neurological system is confused about. We then reset these statements to the positive just like we would reset the apple. After the reset, our situation above would be totally different. My neurological system would respond “yes, you have a good memory”. The emotional fear, insecurity, etc. and physical symptoms would not be triggered. 

Are we working directly with your emotions?
No, we are not working with your emotions. We are working with your neurological system. God renews your mind in many different ways. This process is not in conflict with His word. It is, however, a method of changing the unwanted chemical responses within your body making your emotional and physical process much more in line with your “renewed mind”.