What to Expect on your first visit

Our goal is to meet your health needs and help you become as healthy as you can. Your body is designed to heal. We want to help you figure out what your body needs to enable it to heal. 

Your first visit is a 2 hour visit that focuses on your whole body. If you were just a bone or just a thyroid or just a stomach, we would just focus on individual parts. However, you are a whole person. The 2 hour visit is packed full of information and energetic tests. You will see on the computer screen how your body reacts to scans and questions. We will save you well over $1,000 in lab tests in this first visit. Together, we will learn what your body is struggling with and what it needs to begin the healing process. 

Included in the first visit is: 
• NES scan and recommendations for infoceuticals to improve your healing process from the DNA level. 
• Systemic Enzyme needs
• Digestive Enzyme needs
• Allergen sensitivities for food and over 20 categories including weather, chemicals, pollens, bacteria, etc.
• Endocrine system stress – including the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenals, Thyroid, Liver and Hormones
• Neurotransmitter weaknesses and strengths

We will also begin to balance your body energetically. This is like tuning up an orchestra when all the musicians tune their instrument to the same energetic frequency. Our body also functions best at specific energetic frequencies. 

The last thing to be tested in this session are the supplements you are currently taking. We will test to see of the supplement is stressing your body and if it has any value for your health. This helps to streamline the supplements you are taking and potentially save you money on supplements that your body does not need. 

Based on where your body is, together, we will make a plan to improve your healing. We will work on many different levels so your body heals faster. Many studies show that 90 – 100% of all physical ailments are caused by emotional stress. We offer several amazing emotional reset protocols that many of our clients find to be their favorite sessions. We will discuss your need for possible emotional healing sessions and answer your questions. 

Please download and fill out your new patient forms to bring with you on your first visit.